NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT with --- Perfect Fit Business Alliance --- referred to as BROKER


It is understood and agreed to that we the  BROKER identified herein  will provide disclosure of confidential information  that must not be  disclosed or shared with anyone other than BROKER, SELLER and  their  financial and legal advisors. To ensure the protection of such   information, and to preserve any confidentiality necessary under patent  and/or  trade secret laws, it is agreed to the following terms of this  Non-Disclosure  Agreement. 

BUYER agrees all information provided by  BROKER to BUYER is  confidential and its disclosure to others may be damaging  and  detrimental to the business and that BUYER agrees not to provide   information regarding a disclosed business to anyone except those who  are  disclosed and directly involved in a sale and their financial or  legal advisors  or as ordered by law. 

BUYER agrees not to contact SELLER (s) nor  anyone that is related  to the business (including but not limited to suppliers  and employees)  without written permission from BROKER. BUYER further agrees  that all  requests or questions for SELLER will be done through the BROKER.

BUYER agrees that they will be personally  liable to pay BROKER for  the BROKER's fee paid by the SELLER if BUYER does any  act that results  in harm to SELLER's business or BROKER's contract rights with  SELLER.  Such acts include but are not limited to BUYER making any information   disclosed to them on a business public thereby breaking the strict   confidentiality of the transaction or BUYER using any information  provided by  SELLER for their own personal gain other than purchasing  SELLER's business or  anything associated with said business . 

BUYER agrees and understands that BROKER  represents SELLER and his  or her interests based on a contract with the SELLER  and that BROKER  has no contracted rights with BUYER. Be it understood that the  BROKER's  duty is limited only to negotiating the sale of the business at   mutually agreed upon terms and conditions between BUYER and the SELLER.  Our  compensation will be received from the Seller unless other  arrangements are  made with you in writing.

The BUYER'S signature below acknowledges a  complete understanding of ALL terms contained on this agreement. 

It is agreed and understood that this Non  Disclosure Agreement has neither time limit nor geographic range.